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Why Should You Fly with El Al Israel Airline?

El Al is the Israelite flag carrier that operates from its hub at the Ben Gurion International Airport. The airline flies every day except on Jewish holidays such as the Sabbath. The seats in the economy class are large and there is a wide selection of food served onboard the plane. There is an interrogation that every passenger must go through prior to boarding the plane. The purpose of the interrogation session is to ensure the safety of the passengers in the plane. The official would ask you questions such as why did you visit Israel. If they did not get a satisfactory answer, they will keep on asking you questions. Once you passed their interrogation, you will be able to move on to the next step of checking into the El Al plane. Sometimes, the official will also take the initiative of checking the suitcase of the client.

El Al Israel Airline

Before the plane takes off, the stewardess will go around offering the passengers a pre-flight drink. The pre-flight drink usually consists of plain water or orange juice. In business class, the passengers will get free gifts such as sleep mask, toothbrush and toothpaste and facial wash. After the plane has taken off, passengers will be able to order a variety of beverage including cappuccino, alcohol, and fruit juices.

If you book the business or first class plane, you will get to use the King David Lounge for free. The King David Lounge offers a variety of beverage and snacks. They serve a variety of food onboard including ratatouille, sesame chicken rice, and the vegetarian meal. Small packages of crackers will be handed out to the passengers. You can request the flight attendants for more beverage such as water or coffee or the small packages of crackers whenever you want and they will bring them to you.

The flight attendants onboard the El Al plane are fluent in both the English and Hebrew language. They are friendly and will be happy to assist you with your needs. You can ask the flight attendant for as many beverages as you want and they will gladly bring you your choice of beverage. The flight attendants will also distribute the newspapers to the passengers. The newspapers distributed to the passengers are written in both Hebrew and English language. Besides, they also hand out a lemony was clothes around the passengers. Whenever you need something, you just press the flight attendant button and a steward will quickly come over to assist you with your request.

When the flight has landed, each of the passengers will receive a eucalyptus mint. The flight attendant will be going around from seat to seat to collect the trash and used items such as blankets and headphones at the end of the flight. Passengers of the El Al business class seats will find a remote control for controlling the light, and entertainment system. You can use the remote control to switch on or off the light and change the stations on the television. Learn more about