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The Best Things To Do In Jakarta

”Some people? They like a vacation that is quiet and remote. Somewhere that is a total getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Other people? They prefer to visit somewhere full of action and activity. Somewhere that is lively. That has personality. The latter best describes Jakarta. This is the capital of Indonesia and it is loaded with things to see and do. There are people everywhere, attractions around every corner, and unique experiences you cannot find anywhere else. Since Jakarta has a wonderful mix of cultures (including Javanese, Chinese, Malay, Arab, European, and Indian, to name a few) there is a fabulous mixture of influences. From the buildings to the food and even the shops! Are you eager to experience the wonder of Jakarta for yourself? Here are some of the very best things to do there.

Visit The Jakarta History Museum. There is nothing more exciting than a vacation. You’ve booked on and are staying at the amazing Merlynn Park Hotel. What comes next? Filling up your travel itinerary, of course. One great place to start is at the Jakarta History Museum. This is the best place to learn about the incredible city of Jakarta. The museum features information and exhibits on the history of the region – from its beginnings in 1527 to the Dutch colonization in the 16th century to Indonesia’s independence back in 1945. With over 23 500 objects and artifacts to see? You will want to leave plenty of time in your day for the Jakarta History Museum. This will definitely be an educational experience.

Best Things To Do In Jakarta

Go And See The National Monument. The next stop on your Jakarta vacation? The National Monument. This is a 132-metre tower that can be found in the center of Merdeka Square. This monument isn’t just astounding to see in person. It also represents something very important. It is the national monument for Indonesia…. and it represents the struggles that the country went through to gain independence. Construction of the monument dates back to the 60s and was opened to the public in 1975. Both the monument itself and the museum are open o the public. Which means it is a must see attraction during your time in the area

Spend Time At The Istiqlal Mosque. Still searching for something to do during your vacation? Be sure to spend some time at the Istiqlal Mosque – also known as the Masjid Is equal or Independence Mosque. It is the largest mosque in all of Southeast Asia. It was opened to the public in 1978 and was built to commemorate Indonesian independence. The mosque itself is something that needs to be seen. It has a beautiful domed structure and seven gates. On the ground floor? There are fountains. On the first floor? There are the main prayer hall and the courtyard. This is truly an amazing place to see. Inside and out. Make sure the Istiqlal Mosque is part of your travel itinerary. Your Jakarta getaway will definitely be one to remember.