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Rent a Car in Mumbai and Don’t Forget these Driving Tips

The Indian west coast is one of the best destinations for tourists in the world. Mumbai, which was once called Bombay, has been a favorite place and that is why every year, millions of tourists find their way to this awesome place in India. In this city, you will be welcomed by the Gateway of India stone arch which is an icon for the city and was built in 1924.When you want to get the most of India, the best approach is to rent a car in Mumbai so that you can reach every attractive site at your own pace. Normally, when you use a public transport, especially the more common motorcycles, you may end up paying more but seeing less. Hiring a car is beneficial because you will be able to drive or be driven to every place that you want even those less visited.

Rent a Car in Mumbai

How to Rent a Car in Mumbai

There are hundreds of companies that offer vehicles for renting to foreigners as well as the locals. They will just want to see your driving license and a permit that approves your certification to drive in foreign countries. The next thing is that they may ask you to be insured so that in the event of an accident, things will be sorted in the easiest way possible. You are also free to choose a car of your own preferences if you visit Oto you and select rent a car in Mumbai.

India’s Driving Lane

India laws allow drivers to drive only on the left side of the road unlike in most western countries. The country’s vehicles then are right-hand driven to complement their roads.

Rules while Driving

Drivers must wear safety belts all the time and this is also applicable to the passengers. Road signs will be handy on major roads and it’s the duty of the driver to observe them all. For example, if the speed limit is 30 km/h, you should stick to that. Since driving under the influence poses danger to pedestrians, drivers, and other drivers, you should not indulge in alcohol and other drug use when driving. When near public facilities such as hospital and schools, you should slow down even when the roads are clear.


A parking fee is also applicable in major cities and parking by the roadside is prohibited. You can only do so in designated areas. When you rent a car in Mumbai, you need to know where these designated parking areas are so you can avoid problematic complications later on whether with the law or with the rental company. I suggest you check more information on car rental at as it will be safer for you to drive.

Mobile Phones

In Mumbai, you are banned from using your phone while driving even when it’s a hands-free unit. In fact, it’s common sense not to use your phone when you’re driving a vehicle. The company from which you rent a car in Mumbai should also be able to advise you on this matter.

The good thing about Mumbai is that most local drivers are humble; thus, you will not be stressed when driving. Always give pedestrians a priority when they are crossing and if in case you have questions, you can always pull over where the traffic officers are. They are willing to assist especially when they find out that you are new in Mumbai. Also, when you rent a car in Mumbai, make sure to ask for quick advice from the company regarding driving rules in India. They do have experience with foreigners and they know the helpful things to inform you.