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Experience Central Park Sightseeing with Horse and Carriage Ride

The Central Park Horse & Carriage Ride has been a part of the city since thousands of years, with the proof of horse pulled vehicles dating from the 4th millennium. It is the essence of romance in the city of Apple and the 45 minutes tour of Central Park offers amazing sightseeing of the park. It is certainly no less exception to this new gen as it was in the previous time. While slowly snaking through the park and easily jostling along the carved ways, your guide will mark out several famous locations as well as the less famous ones highlight the jewels of the NYC Park. And you can even take some time out and focus on sweetheart sitting next to you and spend quality time.

Once you’re done with the carriage ride, you can also take some time out and seat on one of the thousands of benches placed in the park and enjoy time with your loved one or family. Sightseeing, bird watching or just drooling, you can simply do anything in this magnificent park. Or if you want your trip to be a little exciting and mesmerizing, why not be a part of Central Park walking tour. Yes, you tour guide will walk you through the whole park in few hours including some resting time and point out all the highlights and essentials of the place. For those who find walking interesting and healthy, can certainly opt for it. It is though, one of the best ways to explore the elegance of this natural phenomenon.

Horse and Carriage Ride

However, the carriage ride lovers should know some of these essentials:

Every ticket accounts for 4 riders at one time. So, the carriage isn’t just for lovers, but it could be a family ride too.

The ride is especially amazing for kids. They love to travel around the park in horse and carriage ride- specifically those who have just seen carriages and horses in movies or tales.

Always find out about the price before sitting on the carriage, the price could vary from time to time.

Suitable for kids:

Perfectly yes! Kids love seeing different things in brand new ways, and in this case, there perspective might completely change seeing a horse and carriage. However, parents should ensure that their kids are big enough to sit well, as it will be last thing you wish to do is focusing on your kid while the carriage runs off across the park.

The right way to use your ticket

Just visit the Central Park Horse & Carriage ride stand

Present your ticket in front of the carriage drivers who have sightseeing stickers

it back, relax and enjoy your ride.

The horse pulled carriages are a historical idea to experience the magnificence of the park. Enjoy a taste of the old New York on a horse pulled carriage passing through the trails of the park. You can also opt for customized rides and enjoy photography, chocolates, special request and flowers on your ride. So, go for it now!